WordPress Classic Editor plugin has 5M+ installs, it looks like it quickly become the most popular plugin ever. Not a good sign for Gutenberg.  Moreover, it is odd but seems WP team does not really support it. A lot of simple questions I googled led to unresolved issue on GitHub.  

Asynchronous programming is very popular nowadays, mostly popularized by Javascript in Node.JS. Having single thread in Javascript leaves no way to do parallel things. Same picture is in PHP, where request is handled by single process or thread.

Good news is that PHP is not years behind. There are already async extensions and libraries, for example ReactPHP.

Our goal can easily be reached using ReactPHP based on callbacks or promises, but I want to add more magic with RxPHP. It is outstanding approach to solve daily tasks in a way you might never thought before.

So let’s describe ultimate goals and move on:  Efficially query remote Rest API via HTTP GET.

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Painful topic once you need a visual tool to connect to MS-SQL once or twice using your shiny MacBook.

All tools I found are either too expensive either too basic and frustrating.

Except one I found recently.


Free, open-source, universal database client with tons of features and very visual.  Just use it!

Todays update for docker “17.06.0-rc1-ce-mac13” brough very good news.

  • Add an experimental DNS name for the host: docker.for.mac.localhost

Which means that from inside the container you can connect to host system using new DNS name “docker.for.mac.localhost”.

This is extremely useful for configuring XDebug, which connects to host system IDE.  Bye-bye custom scripts to pass host IP inside the container. Happy debugging!